Hi, I'm Julia Felberbauer!

Web Developer

Here are a few projects I have worked on recently:

Airbnb News clone, using Bootstrap 4 and custom CSS

December 20, 2021

Newsweek.com clone, using Bootstrap 3 and custom CSS

November 28, 2021

Apple.com clone, using CSS

November 16, 2021

About me

Since beginning my journey as a Web developer in mid-2020, I've studied HTML, CSS, JavaScript and problem-solving as a student at Watch and Code, as well as on my own. As I felt very drawn to learning about the back-end, too, I signed up for Altcademy's Full Stack Web Development course in November 2021. Above, you can see a few projects I've worked on recently in this course. I can't wait to dive deeper into all things programming!

In my free time, I love to read non-fiction (Austrian school of economics, libertarianism, psychology) and novels (the classics, and fascinating random picks from the flea market!).

I live in Linz, Austria.


Get in touch: julesss@posteo.de

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